Everything you expect
from a calendar, and even more

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Search calendar days by year and month

Be Prepared for Important Business Meetings

Easy to connect and engage with people

Simplify appointment scheduling

Take Charge of Your Business Today

Upcoming Events List

Always a popular feature, a scrollable list of your events with thumbnails of your images.

Reminders & Announcements

Automatic reminders and event announcements give you and your users a heads up about important upcoming meetings or events.

Overlap Protection

Prevent any resource bookings from overlapping, or prevent individual resources from being double-booked

Control Availability

Decide when items can be booked: Set "Availability" times for the entire calendar or specific resources

Make Your Own Calendar

You have events and calendars that you want to share with your customers that’s why you’re here

Event Management

Learn how to navigate hybrid work.

About US

As our lives become more digital and interaction becomes more impersonal, it’s more important than ever to meet new people, discover new experiences, attend exciting events and engage with your community. At event.bizleadershub.com our goal is to build tools that makes that just a little bit easier.
We're here to help you manage your appointments and events and to let you share them with a wider audience.
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